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Schedule of MAE Courses

Schedule of MAE Courses – Previous

Graduate Course Projections

Dynamics, Systems and Control (DSC)
Solid Mechanics, Design and Manufacturing (SMDM)
Thermal Sciences and Fluid Dynamics (TSFD)

The PDF schedules above are intended to provide a projection of MAE graduate course offerings.  Efforts are made to maintain the projected schedule for Elective and Computational courses, but occasionally, these courses are rescheduled based on faculty availability, classroom scheduling, and other administrative considerations and functions.  Please contact Dr. Nagaraj Arakere (nagaraj@ufl.eduor MAE Graduate Student Services staff (MAE-A 219) for additional questions on course projections and/or course availability.

Principles of Engineering Analysis 1 and 2 are listed under the SMDM courses.
Numerical Methods 1 and CFD (formerly Numerical Methods 2) are listed under TSFD courses.

EGM 6341 Numerical Methods of Engineering Analysis I Spring
EGM 6321 Principles of Engineering Analysis 1  Fall
EGM 6322 Principles of Engineering Analysis 2 Spring