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Graduate Students: Research Group Core

Catalog Descriptions for MAE Graduate Courses with EAS, EGM,& EML prefixes.

The following core graduate courses are offered yearly with the following schedule.  We note that core courses are offered on UF EDGE and are only canceled under extraordinary circumstances:

TSFD Core Courses

EML 5104 Classical Thermodynamics  Spring
EML 5714 Introduction to Compressible Flow (+UG) Fall
EML 6154 Conduction Heat Transfer  Fall
EML 6155 Convective Heat Transfer  Spring
EML 6812 Fluid Mechanics  Fall
EML 6813 Fluid Mechanics 2 Spring


SMDM Core Courses

EML 5226 Finite Element Analysis Spring
EGM 5533 Applied Elasticity Fall
EML 6394 Failure of Materials Fall
EML 6324 Fund of Production Engineering Fall
EGM 6611 Continuum Mechanics Spring


DSC Core Courses

EML 5215 Analytical Dynamics I Fall
EML 5311 Control System Theory Spring
EML 6281 Geometry of Mechanisms and Robots I Fall