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Graduate Students: Graduate Student Council

The MAE Graduate Student Council (GSC) was formed during the Fall 2007 semester by a group of seven student volunteers with the mission to provide social and professional networking opportunities for graduate students in MAE.  Our mission: To increase the level of interaction within our student body by providing both social and professional networking opportunities. In addition, we have pledged to fulfill three objectives:

  • Serve as a liaison between graduate students and department faculty.
  • Solicit and analyze feedback from graduate students regarding suggestions for improving the Department, as well as criticisms of current policies.
  • Organize, promote, and support events which lend themselves towards fostering a cohesive, collaborative, and professional department.


What We Do


We are a group of MAE graduate students dedicated to improving our department in a number of ways. We believe that investing in the graduate program translates into a stronger department which benefits both students and faculty. Our responsibilities include:


  • Orienting new graduate students
  • Organizing the department picnic each fall
  • Hosting social events for graduate students
  • Promoting research awareness within and outside of our department
  • Hosting professional development and networking events
  • Represent MAE at the college wide graduate student council


GSC operates with its own budget which is approved each year by the department chair. We also hold regular meetings. We are always looking for volunteers to facilitate in our activities. We are best reached at We welcome any suggestions for future events as well as improvements on past events. We are here to make graduate life as a gator in the MAE department a rewarding experience.


How to Get Involved


We meet every week. Feel free to stop by with ideas or questions. Alternatively you can reach us at