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The field of neuroscience crosses several disciplines including physics, math and engineering.  Our research in the area of learning and memory and brain injury is especially in need of talented and motivated engineers and programmers.  This need stems from our need for the development of complex analytical algorithms, software and hardware design, fabrication, and even robotics (e.g., Arduino-, Raspberry Pi-based control systems).  Therefore, we seek highly motivated and curious students who want to work in a positive, dynamic scientific environment investigating how experience and injury modify the brain. Responsibilities will include designing and building custom equipment used for experiments. We are looking for students with a strong familiarity with 3D design and printing, but that is not a prerequisite. Soldering skills, PCB design and light programming (MATLAB, Python, R) are a plus. We use rodent models so a general interest in psychology/neuroscience, animal behavior and learning and memory is encouraged. We are seeking someone who could spend 15-20h/week in the lab (or working remotely when applicable) for a paid position. This position can begin anytime. Those interested in volunteering would be required to commit at least 10 hours a week (with research credits possible). Please email your CV and a list of course grades in your major to “” titled “Application for Coleman ME Brain Research Position".

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