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Kamran Mohseni

Kamran Mohseni

Kamran Mohseni

Research Group: 
Dynamics, Systems and Control
Thermal Sciences and Fluid Dynamics
W. P. Bushnell Endowed Professor
NEB 141
(352) 273-1834
Office Fax: 
(352) 392-7303

Professor Mohseni received his Ph.D. in 2000 from California Institute of Technology. After a year as a Postdoc in Control and Dynamical Systems at Caltech he joined the Aerospace Engineering Sciences department at the University of Colorado in Boulder as an Assistant Professor. Professor Mohseni joined the University of Florida as W. P. Bushnell Endowed Professor in MAE and ECE departments in 2011. Professor Mohseni is the director of Institute for Networked Autonomous Systems (INAS).

Research Interests: 

(1) Fluid dynamics including bio-propulsion, shocks, turbulence, vortex dynamics

(2) Robotics & Control: including bioinspired unmanned systems, sensor networking in harsh environments

(3) Digitized heat transfer

Teaching Interests: 

State Variable Control Method, Control theory, Fluid dynamics, Sources of Vorticity, Control of Marine and Aerial Vehicles, Sources of Vortices & Vortex Dynamics, State Variable Methods in Linear Systems.

PhD, 2000, California Institute of Technology
MS, Imperial College, UK
BS, Science of Technology University, Iran