• Title of project: Molecular Machinery, Nanoscale Robotics, Synthetic Complexity
  • Description: Two funded Ph.D. positions are available in Dr. Jing Pan’s group. The projects will fall under the broad topic of molecular/nano robotics and bio-inspired diagnostics/therapeutics. In the Pan Lab, we aim to create and program molecular robots using biopolymers and nano-materials. We use the most state-of-the-art tools, such as computational microscopy and next-generation sequencing, to study these tiny machines and robots. Among the two projects, one will focus on DNA-encoded molecular robots, and the other will focus on synthetic minimal cells. Both projects involve wet-lab experiments, advanced imaging, statistical analysis, and stochastic modeling. The outcome of the projects will be translational to applications in healthcare and medicine. You will learn knowledge and skills in molecular programming, optical instrumentation, biophysics, biochemistry, and medical technology. Successful candidates will receive research assistantship, including tuition waiver and stipend.
  • Restrictions/Constraints: None
  • Knowledge and skills needed: We do not require knowledge and experience from any specific area. However, some prior research experience will be useful in our lab. On the experimental side, wet-lab experience, optical instrumentation, imaging, micro/nano-fabrication is relevant. On the modeling/computation side, knowledge in biophysics, bioinformatics, network science, and data science will be useful.
  • How to apply: Please email your CV (including education, GPA, GRE, publication, references, relevant research/professional skills) and transcript to Dr. Pan. In your email, please also state your research interests and how you envision your interests align with the lab’s research.
  • Faculty contact/webpage: Jing Pan,