• Title of project: Dynamics of Underwater Robotic Systems
  • Funding agency (Optional):
  • Description: The Fluids & Adaptive Structures (FASt) Lab (fast.mae.ufl.edu) is looking to fill a funded PhD position in the area of dynamics and fluid-structure interactions with an emphasis on experimentation; some analytic/reduced-order modeling is anticipated. The project will focus on the morphological design of underwater flexible structures while integrating the effects of sensing and control. A primary application of this work will be bio-inspired underwater propulsion (e.g. artificial fish); however, this work applies to other compliant structures for underwater and aerospace applications. Experimental methods are a key component of this project and the candidate is expected to design, build, and test underwater dynamic systems; there is also the potential to incorporate and direct undergraduate students. This project will utilize experimental methods including high speed digital image correlation, laser vibrometry, actuator control, data acquisition, and signal processing methods.
  • Restrictions/Constraints:
  • Knowledge and skills needed: Structural dynamics (vibrations), rigid-body dynamics, fluid-structure interactions, mechatronics, controls, and smart materials (piezoelectric & soft robotic actuators). A well-qualified candidate should have a desire for research that combines hands-on work, with data processing & analysis, and modeling.
  • How to apply: contact Dr. Musgrave (pmusgrave@ufl.edu) and provide 1) your resume, and 2) a short cover letter (1-2 paragraphs) explaining why you would be a good fit for this position.
  • Faculty contact/webpage: Dr. Patrick Musgrave; pmusgrave@ufl.edu; http://fast.mae.ufl.edu/