• Title of project: CubeSat Laser Infrared CrosslinK (CLICK) mission
  • Funding agency (Optional): NASA
  • Description: This NASA CubeSat mission will demonstrate precision ranging, clock transfer, and high data rate communications between two CubeSats in low Earth orbit. The MAE Precision Space Systems Lab is collaborating with MIT and the NASA Ames Research Center to develop the payload for this mission, integrate it with commercial spacecraft, and operate the two CLICK vehicles in 2023-2024. For details see:
  • Restrictions/Constraints: Export control restrictions apply
  • Knowledge and skills needed: Enthusiasm for learning about space systems and space technology, including inertial sensors, spacecraft dynamics and control, mechanical/thermal design, electronics and software, lasers and optics, and space flight operations.
  • How to apply: email
  • Faculty contact/webpage: