Liquid Propulsion

Liquid Propulsion is a design team under the AIAA student organization.

UF Branch Officers:

President – Max Chern

Chief Financial Officer – Benjamin Jones

Chief Technical Officer – Zane Forrester

Faculty Advisor:

Prof. Ryan Houim


The Liquid Propulsion Development Team’s goal is to design, develop, test, and fire liquid propellant rocket engines. Our team is focused on providing undergraduate students with valuable experience in the liquid-fueled rocket engine field and expose them to aerospace industry specific topics and practices early in their curriculum. Students on this team bring a rocket engine through its entire design cycle, from drawing board to fire and smoke.

To get involved with Liquid Propulsion Development Team, join our Slack workspace at, and join as many channels as you are interested in. Stay tuned to the general channel for meeting times, or reach out directly to The team welcomes any and all students interested in the design of rocket engines!