Contact Information

Welcome prospective undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida. If you have any questions, please contact the corresponding faculty or staff members below:

Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Bruce Carroll
218 MAE-A
(352) 392-4943

Undergraduate Academic Advisors
Mrs. Salena Robinson
219B MAE-A
(352) 392-0963 

Ms. Shirley Robinson
219C MAE-A
(352) 846-1375

Mr. Michael Fitzgerald
219A MAE-A
(352) 392-6228

Academic Assistant
Mrs. Jennifer Barrett
219 MAE-A
(352) 392-0962

Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Malisa Sarntinoranont
212 MAE-A 
(352) 392-8404

Graduate Academic Advisors
Dr. Karen Ehlers
215B MAE-A
(352) 392-0808

Mr. Jeremy Hall
215A MAE-A
(352) 294-1184