Financial Aid

The majority of full-time PhD students in MAE are funded by a combination of Teaching Assistantships (TA), Research Assistantships (RA) and Graduate Student Fellowship (GSF) awards, which provide a stipend in addition to full tuition coverage and student health insurance.  Typical stipends range from about $22,000 to $26,000 annually.  Funding for students pursuing the MS degree is typically through Research Assistantships, although such opportunities are generally limited.

The University of Florida graduate tuition rates are based on 24 credit hours per year and can be located here.  As noted above there are several forms of funding available for graduate students, including: loans, fellowships (internal and external), grants, research assistantships and teaching assistantships.  Please visit the student financial affairs for a more complete list of financial aid options.

Both MS and PhD students are encouraged to explore some examples of external fellowships or possible grant sources.