Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why do I have to buy a laptop computer?

A. The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering implemented the requirement that all students in the College must own a laptop or notebook computer. This policy became effective August 1999. The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department has started utilizing the student supplied laptop computer in several courses (and the number is growing). We recognize that a student will have to spend $1000 or more for the laptop computer. People in the business world, including engineers, have found laptops to be invaluable tools. In much the same way that a pocket calculator has become a standard engineering tool, ready access to a computer has become a necessity for an engineer. You may be surprised to know, that when scientific calculators first became available in the mid 1970s, they cost several hundred dollars. When adjusting for inflation, this is not too different than the financial burden of the laptop.

Q. What are transfer credits?

A. Students who transfer from a Community College or another 4-year institution must have their official transcript sent to the UF Registrar. Within the State of Florida a common course numbering system is used. Courses that have the same course number as the equivalent UF course will be automatically accepted for transcript credit once your transcript is received. However, if you came from a school outside of the State of Florida System or if the course had a number different from the equivalent UF course, then you must explicitly request transfer credit. To do this you must fill out the transfer credit form and bring it to Dr. Carroll in Room 222 MAE-A Building. You must also supply a photocopy of the course syllabus and/or catalog description for each course. Be sure to attach the required documentation for each course.

Q. Can Co-Ops satisfy technical elective credits?

A. Co-op and internship students may enroll in EAS/EML 4949 Co-op Work Experience during each co-op term.  Up to 3 credit hours of 4949 may be used to satisfy Technical Electives in the degree program.  In order to receive academic credit, students must submit the co-op registration request form to Mrs. Salena Robinson in room 226 MAE-A. You must take care of this prior to the start of your co-op term and may not add this credit retroactively.