The minor provides a traditional, well-accepted way to recognize that a student has completed a significant body of work outside the major. Students can follow-up on long-time personal interests, satisfy intellectual curiosity generated by introductory courses, differentiate their program of study from those of fellow students or enhance their opportunities for employment or for admission to graduate or professional schools. See UF undergraduate catalog for more general information.

Different minors are available within the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and in other colleges at UF.  A minor is not required for the ME or AE degree, but some students decide to earn a minor to enhance their educational background.  We list here a few minors relevant to MAE students.

Biomechanics Minor in MAE

The MAE department administers the Minor in Biomechanics. The minor consists of 16 hours of course work that emphasizes the engineering aspects of hard and soft tissue such as bone and muscles, and biological fluids such as blood. While the minor is available to any student in at UF, it is especially suited to students who are majoring in Mechanical Engineering. The requirements for the minor will simultaneously satisfy the technical electives within both the BSAE & BSME curriculums. Learn more about the requirements for the Minor in Biomechanics.

Sales Engineering Minor

Graduates with this minor are regarded highly by recruiters for industries seeking sales engineering staff. The minor provides the academic background for careers in sales, managerial and entrepreneurial pursuits. Graduates are more effective communicators. They are trained to promote and market new technologies and related products.  Learn more about the requirements for the Sales Engineering Minor.

Biomolecular Engineering Minor

Biomolecular engineering is designed for engineering and science students who desire knowledge of diverse biomedical and biotechnological applications encompassing biomolecular function, interactions and transport. The minor is administered by the Department of Chemical Engineering.  Learn more about the requirements for the Biomolecular Engineering Minor.

Electrical Engineering Minor

This minor, administered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is designed for students who want additional knowledge in electrical engineering.  To be admitted to the minor, students are expected to meet the admission requirements of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students pursuing the BSEE or BSCEN degree are not eligible for this minor.  Learn more about requirements for the Electrical Engineering Minor.