Advising & Course Schedules

All students in MAE undergraduate programs are required to meet with an advisor prior to registration each semester. The list of advisor assignments is listed below. The advisors will have a sign-up sheet posted outside their office for you to make an appointment.

Advising Resources

Student’s Responsibilities

The MAE department will make every effort to advise students on degree requirements, course selections, etc. However, it is ultimately the individual student’s responsibility to ensure that she or he has satisfied all degree requirements.

The ONE web site is a valuable tool for the individual student to track their own progress toward a degree. We strongly encourage students to periodically check their Degree Audit at the ONE site. The degree audit is the tool used by the department to certify students for graduation. You must satisfy all the requirements on the degree audit in order to graduate.

Routine Advising

Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Freshmen

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering advisors are available to help you plan your academic program of study, explore majors, and develop your career goals. The Engineering Advising Center (EAC) advises all freshmen MAE engineering students:

All first year students admitted to these majors in Summer B 2013 or Fall 2013 must sign up for an advance registration workshop before meeting with their academic advisors. Once you attend the workshop, you will be ready for your advisor meeting.

All Other MAE Undergraduate Students

All students except freshmen should meet their advisor at the advisor’s convenience prior to having read the Advising Instructions. 

Who is my advisor?

IMPORTANT: Download the Course Approval Form and complete before seeing your advisor.

Special Advising Situations 

Transfer Students

Students who transfer from a Community College or another 4-year institution must have their official transcript sent to the UF Registrar. Within the State of Florida a common course numbering system is used. Courses that have the same course number as the equivalent UF course will be automatically accepted for transcript credit once your transcript is received. However, if you came from a school outside of the State of Florida System or if the course had a number different from the equivalent UF course, then you must explicitly request transfer credit. To do this you must fill out the transfer credit form and bring it to Dr. Bruce Carroll in Room 218 MAE-A Building. You must also supply a photocopy of the course syllabus and/or catalog description for each course. Be sure to attach the required documentation for each course.

Transfer Admissions Requirements

Course Substitutions

Refer to question “What is a common course substitution?” in the FAQ for more information.

Example Curriculum

Please refer to our FAQ for any special advising situations if you are unsure who to see for a particular question.