Welcome to the webpage of UF Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics laboratory. Our current research areas are: (1) atomistic and continuum analysis of mechanics and phonon thermal transport, (2) multiscale methods for mesoscale transient simulation of mechanical and thermal transport processes,  (3) tailoring and design of advanced materials through computer simulations . We develop formalisms to link and unify atomistic and continuum mechanics and we develop methodology and computer codes for multiscale simulations of materials behavior from  the atomic to the mesoscale.  This theoretical study is the foundation on which we build all our research projects.

      Mechanics of biological materials is one application area of our multiscale simulation tools. We are interested in a variety of structural biological materials, including  biopolymers and biominerals (e.g., wood, shell, sea urchin tooth, bone).  Our goal is to reveal the origins of the unusual mechanical properties observed in biological materials and to establish the nature of the effect of the hierarchical architectures as well as the multi-level organic interfaces on mechanical properties of  structural biological materials.

     The ultimate goal of our research is to achieve comprehensive predictive understanding of materials properties to facilitate design of new materials for advanced applications.  We explore new materials/structural concepts through computer simulation and we derive guidelines for the development of next generation multiscale multifunctional materials.        

      You are welcome to download our publications and computer codes. We also welcome your comments and suggestions.


Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics


A green tree                                                                     A red coral

A red abalone shell