New Facility for Hypersonic Research

Main features:

        New facility designed specifically for UF by experts from the Central Institute for Aviation Motors (CIAM) in Moscow, Russia.

        Non-vitiated, continuous operation, high-enthalpy facility with two major components:

        A 1.2 MW, electrically operated, first stage heater with maximum temperatures of 1300K, Mach 5 enthalpy, and,

        A second, water injection/high-enthalpy heating stage with a continuous, maximum operating temperature of 1800K, > Mach 6 flight enthalpy.

        Capability to simulate real-time transients (trajectories).

        Final commissioning completed in May 2012.



Examples of possible test conditions for External Flow

Examples of possible test conditions for Internal Flow Supersonic combustion

Left - Schematic diagram of the facility showing the air-supply system, heating elements, hot-air collector.

Right Details showing the second stage, bellmouth, nozzles, isolator, test section. Lower right corner indicates fuel injection in the cavity zone.