The MAE Facilities Office is responsible for maintenance, repairs, renovations, improvements, and signage of Departmental buildings and facilities.  We manage the security of buildings and rooms through distribution of keys, codes, and card reader access; and track and account for all incoming and outgoing departmental assets.


Facilities Request Form – General interior and exterior facilities requests (ex. lights out, move furniture, temperature adjustment, surplus pick up, etc.) and building and room access

Shipping and Receiving

Official Mailing Address for shipping and receiving:

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department
University of Florida
Room 134, Building MAE-C
571 Gale Lemerand Drive
Gainesville, FL  32611
Telephone:  352-294-3390

To request FedEx shipping label, please complete the online request form.

Building and Room Access Information

Door Codes and After Hours Access are provided through your GatorOne card or by a code to be used on a keypad. Access is given to only those buildings and rooms for which you need access to and will be deactivated upon your departure or graduation.

Outside Access to Buildings

The outside doors work on a card swipe system using your GatorOne card. You MUST have a GatorOne card in order to use the card swipe system. Access to the buildings must be approved by your Professor. Access is granted to only those buildings that you have a valid need to access.

Inside Access to Research Labs

All research labs have keypads on the doors for keyless access. Access to the research labs must be approved by the Professor responsible for that lab. One Professor cannot approve your access to another Professor’s research area or office. Each person will be issued a unique access code. Do not share your access code with others. You are responsible for the security of your access code. Codes will be revoked if proper security and safety procedures are not being followed.

  • Keys to buildings and rooms are issued on a very limited basis. All keys remain the property of the University of Florida, are NOT to be duplicated and must be returned to the Facilities Office on your departure. You are responsible for the security of any keys issued to you.

For immediate assistance please contact: 

  • Facilities Email:
  • Daniel Preston (133 MAE-C): Office: 352-392-3101 Cell: 352-514-2869 
  • Andrew Evans (133 MAE-C): Office: 352-294-3390 
  • Melanie DeProspero (228 MAE-A): Office: 352-294-1191 Cell: 352-317-2705