The safe operation of all office, research and teaching facilities within MAE is among our highest priorities. Safety begins with each person – it is your responsibility to bring to attention any safety concerns, suggestions or questions to your immediate supervisor, or to any of the contacts listed below. Please feel free to contact any of the following for additional information or resources:

MAE Facilities Operations Specialist

Daniel M. Preston


Office: 188 Engineering Building (NEB)

Phone: (352) 392-3101

MAE Safety Committee Representatives

Dr. Shannon Ridgeway


Dr. Bhavani Sanker


Phone: (352) 392-3101

MAE Safety Committee Student Representatives

Emily Griffis (Grad Student)


MAE Safety Committee Chair

Dr. Jonathan Scheffe


Phone: (352) 392-0839

MAE Chair

Dr. Warren Dixon


Phone: (352) 846-1463

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering — Director of Laboratory Safety

James Fleetwood


Office: 239B Weil Hall

Phone: (352) 392-7954

University of Florida environmental health and safety

University of Florida EH&S website, which provides a number of resources.
Link to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) resource information.