Photo of Matthew T. Hale

Matthew T. Hale

Assistant Professor
Address Office MAE-B 321 Lab MAE-B 300 Phone: (352) 294-0436 Fax: (352) 392-7303 Website:


Matthew Hale received his BSE summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and received his MS and PhD from Georgia Tech. His work is driven by designing and analyzing multi-agent coordination algorithms that function well under challenging conditions, such as asynchronous information sharing, noisy communications, and user privacy requirements. His work deploys these algorithms on teams of flying and ground robots, providing both validation of the underlying theory and further research directions.


Ph.D., 2017, Georgia Institute of Technology

Teaching Interests

Network control systems, Optimal control, Classical control

Research Interests

Multi-agent systems, Distributed and decentralized decision-making, Robotics, Cyber-physical systems, Optimization, Graph theory