Control Design for an F-15 with Actuator Failure

1. Introduction

A major concern for most aircraft is sustaining damage during flight. This damage includes loss of avionics, malfunctioning of sensors, decrease in structural integrity, and even the physical destruction of portions of the aircraft. Also, the stability and performance of the aircraft is sensitive to damage to the control surfaces. A particularly hazardous damage, which is the subject of this project, is the condition of a control surface becoming fixed at a constant deflection.

The concept of reconfigurable control has been developed to address the issue of in-flight damage. The objective of reconfigurable control is to automatically change the flight controller to allow the pilot to safely operate the aircraft despite the change in dynamics resulting from the damage. A variety of approaches have been adopted for this task such as multi-model switching, linear parameter-varying, adaptive estimation, and neural networks.

2. F-15 ACTIVE

6. Information