Summer Term C 2002. Instructor-Dr.Kurzweg.Class meets  T&Th 4th Period(12:30-1:45pm) in NEB 100.
Office hours are M&W 9am-11am. Text is the ninth edition of Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics by R.C.Hibbeler.

    Lecture                        Topic
          1              Introductory Remarks
          2              Curvilinear Motion
          3              Newton's Laws of Motion
          4              Angular Momentum,.Law Universal Law of Gravitation.
          5              Kinetic Energy, Work-EnergyPrinciple
          6              Impulse-Momentum Principle
          7              Review for First Exam
    First Hour Exam
          8              Collisions, Impact
          9              Oblique Impact
        10              Systems of Particles
        11              Kinematics of Rigid Bodies
        12              Velocity and Acceleration
        13              Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies
        14              Center of Velocity
        15              Review for Second Exam
     Second Hour Exam
        16              Work-Energy Principle for Rigid Bodies
        17              Impulse Momentum Principle for Rigid Bodies
        18              Mechanical Vibrations
        19              Damped Vibrations
        20              Review for Third Exam
     Third Hour Exam

Grade Determination: Each exam counts 30% of the grade with weekly homework constituting the remaining 10%.
All exams will be in closed book , however,  one 3"x5" card will be allowed. There will be no final exam.

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