BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS
Offered Spring Semester                                                                     Instructor: Dr.U.H.Kurzweg

Lecture                  Topic                                            Lecture                     Topic

    1.      First Order PDEs                                                       SECOND HOUR EXAM
    2.      2ndOder Constant Coef.PDEs                         25.      Laplace Eq. via Greens Function
    3.      Hyperbolic, Elliptic and Parabolic Eqs.              26.      Kelvin Charge Method
    4.      Canonical Form                                                27.      Poisson Integral for Sphere
    5.      Non-Homogeneous PDEs                                28.      More Solutions via Greens Functions
    6.      D'Alembert's Solution                                       29.      Helmholtz Equation
    7.      Wave Eq. via Fourier Series and Transforms     30.      Spherical Bessel Functions
    8.      Orthogonal Coordinate Systems                        31.      Acoustic Resonators
    9.      Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates               32.      Optical Diffraction
  10.      Heat and Diffusion Equations                            33.      Poisson Equation
  11.      Error Function, Similarity Variables                   34.      Gravitational Potential
  12.      Solution by Laplace Transforms                        35.      Electrostatic Potentials
  13.      Thermal Waves                                                36.      Legendre Multipole Expansions
  14.      Duhamel Principle                                             37.     Water Wave Dispersion
  15.      Separation of Variables Solution                       38.      Schroedinger Equation

             FIRST HOUR EXAM

  16.     Laplace Equation                                                 No required Text. Collateral reading:
  17.     Neumann and Dirichlet Problems                         Berg and McGredor,"Elementary PDEs"
  18.     Poisson Integral
  19.     Conformal Mapping                                             Grade Determination:
  20.    Aplication to Inviscid Flow                                    Weekly HW-25%, 3 In-Class Exams-25% each
  21.     Schwartz Christoffel Transforms                           No Final Exam
  22.     Polygon Boundaries
  23.     More on Conformal Methods
  24.     Spherical Harmonics