The University of Florida

Honors & Awards

Fellow of ASME, 2005

Associate Editor for the ASME Journal of Engineering Gas Turbines and Power, 2000-2007.

Best Paper Award for "Effect of Crystal Orientation on Fatigue Failure of Single Crystal Nickel Base Turbine Blade Superalloys," Paper presented at the ASME/IGTI Conference, Munich, Germany (May 2000) (Materials and Metallurgy section).

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Best Paper Award for "Investigation of 3D Stress Fields and Slip Systems in Notched Single Crystal Specimens," by Arakere, N. K., S. Siddiqui, Magnan, S., Ebrahimi, F., and Feroro, L, Paper presented at the ASME /IGTI Conference, Vienna, Austria (May 2004) (Structures and Dynamics).

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NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship Program for 1999 and 2002, at NASA MSFC.

SAE Ralph R. Teetor National Educational Award, 1995

Dr. Nagaraj K. Arakere