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Lesson 2 Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will

  • know how slide rules can be designed for specific applications
  • comprehend how slide rules helped win the war
  • acquire history knowledge not easily found in textbooks dealing with WWII History. Here I offer an account of my experience as an operations analyst for the Air Force in the Pacific theater
  • know that there are slide rules designed for specific industrial applications. This is accomplished by showing my slide rule collection I have compiled throughout the years.

A modern take on Dr. Green's computers

Readings for Lesson 2

The readings for Lesson 2 are mainly documents and presentations from Dr. Green.

Lecture 2 Video

Watch the lecture video below. You may need a notebook to take notes while I explain the material.

Slide Rule Collection

You can watch the videos below to see brief showcase of my slide rule collection.

Websites and supporting documents

Feel free to visit the list of resources provided below. There are some documents that you can download for later reading.

Operations Analysis Reports 20th AF, XXI BC on Guam in Mariannas

  • No.20. 5/31/45 Flight Engineers Computer, with F. Fenema
  • No.22. 6/30/45 Force and Bomb Load Computer with J.V. Proctor
  • No.24. 7/19/45 Offset Bombing Computer,
  • No.25. 7/24/45 Radar Resolution Computer,
  • li>
  • No. 26 8/28/45 Bomb Plot Computer
  • No. 27 8/31/45 Flight Engineers Computer (revised)
  • No. -- 9/1/45 Shoran Bombing Computer to support invasion of Japan