Rick Lind

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Florida







2008-2009 AFOSR Phenomenological Approach to Adaptive Flight Control of Agile MAVs (PI)
2008-2009 AFOSR Micro Air Vehicle Tether Recovery Appartus (MAVTRAP)
2007-2011 AFOSR Biologically-Inspired, Anisotropic Flexible Wing for Optimal Flapping Flight
2007-2009 NASA Multi-Loop Adaptive Control of Hypersonic Vehicles (PI)
2007-2008 ONR Region Mapping using Path Planning to Optimize Sensor Quality (PI)
2006-2009 AFOSR Research Institute for Autonomous Precision-Guided Systems
2006-2007 NASA Integrated Sensing and Control of Aeroelastic Deformations (PI)
2006-2007 AFRL Electroactive Polymers for Active Control of MAV (PI)
2006-2007 UF Integrated Situational Awareness System
2005-2007 NASA Robust Control using Vision Feedback in Uncertain Environments (PI)
2003-2007 AFOSR Vision-Based Control of Agile Autonomous MAV in Urban Environments (PI)
2004-2005 AFOSR A Virtual Environment for Visualization Technologies (PI)
2003-2004 NASA Robust Aeroservoelastic Toolbox for Nonlinear Data-Based Modeling (PI)
2003-2004 NASA Novel System Identification Tools for Multiresolution Analysis of Flight Data
2003-2004 AFRL Modeling, Control of Testing of MAVs
2003-2004 AFOSR A Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Facility for Vision-Based Control
2001-2004 NASA Flexible-Wing Micro Air Vehicles


2007-2008 AFRL Flutterometer Testing for F22 (task order)
2008 Avid Design Software Suite for Flapping-Wing MAVs (SBIR Phase I/II)
2006-2009 Zona Parameter-Varying Estimation Toolbox (SBIR Phase I/II)
2006-2009 DRA Power Line Urban Sentry (SBIR Phase I/II)
2005-2008 Zona Model Updating Nonlinear System Identification Toolbox (SBIR Phase I/II)
2001 Boeing Flutterometer Testing for 767-400 (task order)


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