• Title of project: SINGLE-CRYSTAL MECHANICS
  • Funding agency (Optional):
  • Description: In all existing crystal plasticity models it is assumed that plastic deformation of the single-crystal obeys Schmid law. However, recent experimental studies have shown that single-crystals displays tension-compression asymmetry; hence the use of Schmid law is inappropriate. The objective of the project is to develop new constitutive models that will capture the observed polarity of the crystallographic slip within the framework recently developed by the REEF solid mechanics group in Shalimar (on the Emerald Coast).
  • Restrictions/Constraints:
  • Knowledge and skills needed: The candidate should have a strong academic background. Analytical skills and strong background in mechanics is expected. Background in FE is desired.
  • How to apply: Send a detailed CV including GPA, GRE, projects, publications, skills, etc by e-mail to Dr. Cazacu
  • Faculty contact/webpage: Dr. Oana Cazacu,