Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Student activities and organizations are an important part of an engineering education. We strongly encourage our students to get involved in one or more student societies, including our many design and build teams. These are some of the student organizations active in our department and the national chapter links. We encourage all new and current students to browse through and actively participate in them.

Aerogators Logo, click to visit Aerogators page.

AIAA Logo, click to visit American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics page.

Gatorloop Logo, click to visit Gatorloop page.

TPED Logo, click to visit TPED page.

ASME Logo, click to view American Society of Mechanical Engineers page.

GRiP Logo, click to view GRiP page.

MAE-GSC Logo, click to view the MAE Graduate Student Council page.

DTE Logo, click to view DTE page.

Liquid Propulsion Logo, click to view Liquid Propulsion page.

MCAA Logo, click to view Machine Intelligence Laboratory.

Pi Tau Sigma - Logo, click to view the Pi Tau Sigma Council page.

Solar Gators Logo, click to view Solar Gators page.

SAE GM Logo, click to view the Society of Automotive Engineers Gator Motorsports page.

Sigma Gamma Tau - Logo, click to view the Sigma Gamma Tau - National Honor Society in Aerospace Engineering page.

SSDC Logo, click to view the Space Systems Design Club page.

To learn more about our MAE chapter activities, click on the side bar for full information. In addition, see the General Engineering tab for College-wide societies.