Dual ME/AE Degrees

Dual ME/AE Degrees

Some students may wish to consider obtaining two undergraduate degrees. To do this, the student must satisfy all degree requirements for both degrees. Common reasons to earn a dual undergraduate degree are to improve job opportunities during slow hiring times or to gain a more diverse background. The main disadvantage of earning a dual Bachelor of Science degree is that it delays your graduation one or more semesters. Students who are considering a dual BS degree should consider the alternative route of graduate study instead. While a dual degree can offer greater breadth in subjects, a graduate degree offers more depth in a field of interest.

The Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering degree programs have been designed to facilitate a double major. With as little as one additional semester, students may satisfy the degree requirements of both degree programs and receive both Bachelor of Science degrees. To officially apply, students must complete a dual degree application and must have 45 to 96 hours including all tracking courses successfully completed.

Dual ME/ASE BS Curriculum

Dual Degree Application (read our MAE Canvas Forms page for instructions on filling out the application)

Before pursuing a dual undergraduate degree, students should consider another option: a graduate degree, including the combined BS/MS program (the 4/1 program). A student with an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering may easily switch to Mechanical Engineering for a graduate degree (and vice versa). There are advantages to the graduate route over a dual degree. Many students in full time graduate study receive a substantial financial assistance package in the form of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships. The graduate degree also gives the student greater depth of understanding which results in long term professional benefits. Students interested in graduate study should see the graduate programs portion of the MAE web site. Contact MAE Graduate Advising with questions.