Combined BS/MS Degree Program

The university created combined-degree programs to provide academically talented students an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in a shorter period of time.

The program allows you to double-count graduate courses toward both degrees, thus reducing the time it would normally take to graduate by a semester or more. The combined-degree program reduces the cost of both degrees and enhances your marketability for career advancement.

Students who meet the combined-degree application requirements can enroll in 9 credit hours of approved graduate courses during their junior and senior years. These credits will satisfy undergraduate degree requirements and, if admitted to graduate school at UF, they also will satisfy graduate degree requirements if the courses are completed with grades of B or better.

Complete MAE 4/1 Program details

The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering department offers a Combined BS/MS Degree Program (sometimes called a 4/1 program). 

How to Apply

Application to the program occurs in the junior or senior year using the following 2 step procedure:

  • Step 1:
    • Complete the application for the Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree Request.
    • Bring the Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree Request to the undergraduate coordinator (Dr. Carroll.) Dr. Carroll will make a recommendation to the Graduate Committee which makes admission decisions for the program.
    • If your application is accepted, the Graduate Coordinator (Dr. Mikolaitis) will meet with you to complete the Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree Request. He will help you select appropriate graduate courses and assist you in identifying a graduate advisor.
    • You start taking graduate courses at this point.
  • Step 2:
    • Take the GRE exam at the start of the senior year. Click here for information the about the GRE.
    • Apply to graduate school and indicate “combined bachelor’s/master’s program” in your application.

Financial Aid

Undergraduate degree costs should be satisfied with existing financial aid such as Bright Futures and Prepaid Tuition. Bright Futures can cover the ‘undergraduate’ costs of up to 12 hours of graduate courses that apply to the undergraduate degree. You are responsible for the difference in tuition between the undergraduate and graduate course rates. Graduate courses that apply toward the undergraduate degree are funded at the undergraduate rate, and you are responsible for the difference.

Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Timeline


Q. When should I apply to the program?

A. To be accepted, you must have at least a 3.33 Upper Division GPA and overall UF GPA. You may apply any time after you have an upper division GPA which is normally during your Junior year.

Q. Are GRE scores required for acceptance into the combined BS‐MS program?

A. You may enter the combined degree program based on your UF and upper division GPA and must complete the GRE before completion of your BS degree. The GRE is required for graduate school admissions.

Q. Does acceptance into the combined BS‐MS program guarantee my acceptance into graduate school?

A. Graduate school admission is separate from acceptance into the combined degree program and being admitted into the combined degree program does not guarantee graduate school admissions.

Q. What is the advantage of entering the combined BS‐MS program?

A. Being admitted to the combined degree program ensures you are able to double count up to 9 hours of acceptable credit between BS and MS degrees from the MAE department. Students who are not admitted to the combined degree program are not allowed to double count any graduate coursework taken during their undergraduate program.

Q. What happens if I decide not to enter the MS program in the MAE department?

A. The graduate credit still applies to the BS degree from UF.

Q. Can I take more than 9 hrs of graduate credit while I’m an undergraduate?

A. The MAE department will only allow you to double count up to 9 hrs of graduate credit for which you earn a B or better. You may take additional graduate courses while in your BS degree program, but these additional courses will only count toward the BS degree. (Note: The MAE department only allows a maximum of 9 credits to double count which is lower than the maximum of 12 credits allowed by the graduate school).