Industry Insights

Industry Insights

An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Balaji Sreenivasan – Founder & CEO, Aurigo Software Inc.

An Introduction to NASA Ames Research Center

Dean Kontinos, PhD – Center Chief Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center

Career Pathways at Southern Company

Stacey Evans & Judge Gardner – Southern Company

Data Science Insights from Los Alamos National Laboratory

M. Giselle Fernandez-Godino – Los Alamos National Laboratory

Developing the Leader Within You to Operationalize Your Education

Bill “Roto” Reuter – CAPT. USN (Ret)

Entrepreneurial Development of Technology to Advance Global Prosperity

Jim Francis – CEO and Owner, Micro-Ant

Executive Communications

Mitch Waldman – Executive Vice President of Government Relations, Huntington Ingalls Industries

Fundamentals of Capital Investing: A Venture Capital Perspective

Jimmy Lu – Managing Director, WI Harper Group

Growing a Startup During a Crisis

Amit Vohra – Promaxo, Inc.

Life of an Engineer in Florida

Shawn K. Martin – Deputy Program Manager of SOF Lethality, US Special Operations Command, MacDill AFB

My Journey to Amazon and Amazon’s Journey in Consumer Robotics

Ken Washington, PhD – Vice President Software Engineering, Consumer Robotics Amazon

Dr. Washington speaks about his engineering career and shares his ideas on emerging trends in robotics.

Startups, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital

Larry Goldstein – Capital Investor

The Railroad – What it is, What it Does, and Our Journey Toward Automation

Dan Plonk – Director of Transportation Application Planning, Norfolk Southern Corporation

Tips for a Successful Career: Having an Adaptive Mindset

Eric Kazmierczak – Lockheed Martin

Using Your Engineering Degree Indirectly

Daniel Maher – Commodity Buyer, GE Appliances

Why Engineers Have What it Takes to Make Great Consultants

Matt Sobieski – Consultant, McKinsey & Company