AI Professional Development

AI Professional Development

Earn Your Micro-Credential in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is more than just the next wave of high-tech – it is transforming nearly every sector of the economy. The applications of AI are limitless, and whatever your interest level you can increase your working knowledge of AI through professional development courses offered by the University of Florida.

Course Offerings

  • Register for a free one hour introductory AI course. This is perfect for those wanting a basic understanding of AI and its impact. [Asynchronous]
  • Take a deeper dive into fundamentals or focus areas with a more in-depth learning experience through a 4-hour course. [Asynchronous, Course Completion Certificate, 0.4 CEUs]
  • Take the full-length 15-hour course to earn the AI course badge or continue working toward earning an AI micro-credential issued by the University of Florida. [Hybrid, Earn Badge, Qualify for Micro-Credential, 1.5 CEUs]

What is a Micro-Credential?

Micro-credentials are a short-form professional development option that allows individuals with a time-efficient and affordable option to develop an understanding of new skills or continue education in a given subject. Micro-credentialing satisfies the need for workplaces to remain competitive by ensuring employees are continuing to develop new capabilities. This option is great for employers wanting to provide upskilling opportunities to their employees.

Your Pathway to an AI Micro-Credential at the University of Florida

  1. Complete Two 15hr Foundation Courses
  2. Complete One 15hr Focus Area Course

Foundation Courses

Focus Areas

Several colleges at the university have developed speciality-focused AI courses.

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