Gator Electric Racing – Formula Electric

Gator Electric Racing – Formula Electric

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Instagram: @gatorelectricracing
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President – Claire Adams
Vice President – Gabriela Vukaj
Treasurer – Kyle Myott
Project Manager – Isaac Wiley

Faculty Advisor:

Noel Thomas


Gator Electric Racing aims to promote interest in research, development, design, construction, and operation of electric vehicles, to further familiarize students with career opportunities in this area, and to further the educational and personal development of students. As GER grows, we shall strive for more challenging designs and branch deeper into engineering disciplines such as control systems and machine learning. We were founded in Fall 2019 to compete in the Formula SAE Electric competition, and since then we have grown and branched out, expanding our membership base and continuing development of an electric racecar.

All are welcome to join! Check out our social media or send us an email to learn about our team and get more information on how to join.