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    About Us:

    Dream Team Engineering is a group of engineering and non-engineering students alike that are dedicated to making novel technologies to enhance the lives of the patients at UF Health Shands, the surrounding Gainesville community, and beyond. Our team works alongside physicians, nurses, and child-life specialists  to create engineering devices that positively impact the patient, doctor, and overall healthcare experience. Dream Team Engineering is currently composed of three branches: a design branch that focuses on utilizing 3D-modeling skills to build devices that encourage patient education, a software engineering branch called Dream Team Software Engineering (DTSE) that leverages programming skills to develop user-friendly medical applications, and a research branch that tests the efficacies of our projects being used in the hospital. 

    Any UF student is encouraged to apply to Dream Team Engineering, regardless of major. We typically have application cycles at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester, and further details will be available on our social media platforms. We encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds with the passion and experience to advance our projects to apply!

    Our Divisions:

    • Design: Dream Team Engineering’s design branch is made up of a multitude of teams that focus on using design and engineering skills to fulfill healthcare needs. Teams in this division leverage 3D modeling, electrical engineering, fluid mechanics, and other skills to create models and devices to improve doctors’ and patients’ understandings of medical procedures.
    • Software Engineering: Dream Team Software Engineering (DTSE) is our software development division. DTSE currently contains three subteams that are all focused on producing innovative technologies for the patients and doctors at Shands Hospital through a combination of web apps, mobile apps, VR games, and software-controlled hardware.
    • Research: Dream Team Engineering’s Research Team tests the usability, scope, and impact of DTE projects. Our teams use a combination of dry lab techniques, including data acquisition through patient surveys, professional writing, and statistical analysis, to determine the efficacy of DTE projects being used within the hospital.
    • STEM Special Events: The STEM Special Events Team volunteers at Shands Children’s Hospital and in the Gainesville community to teach science through fun and interactive activities. Team members directly volunteer inside Shands Hospital, create weekly science craft packages with accompanying CLTV YouTube videos, and focus on community outreach opportunities by executing science-based learning activities with local organizations and schools.
    • Shadowing: The Shadowing Program is a semester-long opportunity for freshmen and sophomore students to gain hands-on experience while rotating through various DTE sub-teams! In each rotation, shadowers have the opportunity to join team meetings, participate in problem solving, and develop technical skills as they complete assigned engineering tasks. This is a program centered around growing young engineers by helping them develop technical skills as they learn about the teams within our organization.


    President: Emily Jones
    Email: dreamteameng.at.uf@gmail.com

    Vice President: Neeva Sethi
    Email: dreamteameng.vp.uf@gmail.com

    Project Manager: Marc Pappas
    Assistant Project Manager: Alexander Simes
    Email: dreamteampm.at.uf@gmail.com

    Director of Software Engineering: Xavier Velez
    Assistant Director of Software Engineering: Anne Michel
    Email: dreamteamudev@gmail.com

    Director of Finance: Vijayasai Somasundaram
    Email: dreamteameng.finance.uf@gmail.com

    Director of Fundraising: Gabrielle Summers
    Email: dreamteameng.fundraising.uf@gmail.com

    Director of Membership: Roshni Mishra
    Email: dreamteameng.membership@gmail.com

    Director of Public Relations: Amanda Smith
    Assistant Director of Public Relations: Rohan Joshi
    Email: dreamteameng.pr@gmail.com

    Co-Directors of Internal Events: Ashni Zaverchand & Nathaniel Downes
    Email: dreamteameng.internalevents@gmail.com

    Director of Recruitment: Karina LaRubbio
    Email: dreamteameng.recruitment@gmail.com

    Director of Research: Travis Koenig
    Assistant Director of Research: Shreya Mathur
    Email: dreamteameng.research.uf@gmail.com

    Director of Shadowing: Lance Pancoast
    Email: dreamteameng.shadowing@gmail.com

    Documentation Manager: Zinia Basil
    Email: dreamteameng.documanager@gmail.com