Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The University of Florida Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is unwaveringly committed to cultivating a dynamic ecosystem of learning, collaboration, discovery, and innovation. We aspire to shape generations of visionary engineers and pioneer solutions to the world’s grand challenges.

Areas of focus include:

Leadership in Education

UF MAE is committed to an unparalleled educational experience by providing a foundation for critical thinking, mastery of engineering principles, and passion for continuous learning. Through immersive and hands-on programs, we foster an open and collaborative environment where creativity flourishes, preparing graduates to thrive in a rapidly-evolving, complex world.

Research Excellence

Guided by an unyielding commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, UF MAE is a global leader in cutting-edge research and innovation. We engage in transformative research that addresses the world’s grand challenges. We promote interdisciplinary collaboration, driving advances that transcend traditional boundaries and redefine the possibilities of technology.

Driver of Economic Impact

Our contributions extend beyond academia, as we actively engage with industry partners, government agencies, and the broader community. We drive economic growth, create jobs, and elevate the status of the State of Florida, as a hub of technological innovation in the world. Our innovations drive changes to aerospace and mechanical engineering industries, including robotics and automation, atmospheric and space flight, national security, healthcare, agriculture, energy, and the environment.

Exceptional Workplace

UF MAE Is dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive community where students, staff, and faculty thrive. By fostering a culture of collaboration, respect, and continuous improvement, we attract and cultivate the brightest minds and nurture a diverse and dynamic workforce.

As leaders in education, pioneers in research, and drivers of economic impact, we are catalysts for transformative change in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and beyond. We aim to shape the future of our fields and to inspire a new era of engineering possibilities, creating a better world for all.