Martin A. Eisenberg Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1966 – 1991)
(352) 392-0961

EducationD.Eng., 1966, Yale UniversityResearch InterestsMechanics of solids, theory of plasticity, inelastic wave propagation, computer methods of structural analysis.

Dr. Richard L. Fearn Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1965 – 1999)

Ph.D., 1965, University of Florida
Research Interests
Aerodynamics and Mathematica

Dr. Roger A. Gater Associate Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1975 – 2002)

EducationPh.D., 1969, Ph.D.Purdue UniversityResearch InterestsThermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer, Combustion phenomena.

Dr. Chen-chi Hsu Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1978 – 2006)

EducationPh.D., 1965, University of MichiganResearch InterestsComputational fluid dynamics, engineering mechanics, applied mathematics.

Dr. Herbert A. Ingley, III Associate Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1973 – 2015)
(352) 392-9929

University of Florida, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1971 (Minors in Environmental Engineering)

University of Florida, MSME, 1969 (Minors in Environmental Engineering)

University of Florida, BSChE, 1967
Research Interests
Heat transfer, Acoustics, Air conditioning, Utilization of solar energy.

Dr. David A. Jenkins Associate Engineer Emeritus (Department Time: 2005 – 2011)
(352) 392-6105

Ph.D., 1973, University of Florida
Research Interests
Materials, structures, design, experimental stress analysis, instrumentation, failure analysis.

Dr. Ulrich H. Kurzweg Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1968 – 2003)

Ph.D., 1961, Princeton University
Research Interests
Fluid mechanics, magneto-hydrodynamics, applied mathematics, heat transfer by high frequency oscillations.

Dr. William E. Lear, Jr Associate Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1984 – 2023)
(352) 392-7572

Dr. William. E. Lear is an Associate Fellow of AIAA, recipient of the 2014 Energy Systems Award from AIAA, former Chair of the Terrestrial Energy Systems technical committee, and has served in multiple roles with the International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, including Technical Program Chair. His areas of research are novel distributed generation systems, advanced turbomachinery, and low temperature fuel cells.…

Dr. Gary K. Matthew Associate Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1980 – 2009)
(352) 392-0961

EducationPh.D., 1980, University of Florida,Research InterestsKinematics, Dynamics, Computer-aided design.

Dr. David W. Mikolaitis Associate Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1982 – 2017)
(352) 392-7632

Ph.D., 1981, University of Illinois
Research Interests
Fluid mechanics, combustion theory, applied mathematics.

Dr. James E. Milton Engineer Emeritus (REEF) (Department Time: 1965 – 2006)
(850) 833-9350

EducationPh.D., 1966, University of Florida

Dr. Gale E. Nevill, Jr Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1964 – 2003)
(352) 392-0961

EducationPh.D., 1961, Stanford UniversityResearch InterestsInternet based design, conflict resolution in design, expert systems for conceptual design.

Calvin C. Oliver Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1967 – 1994)
Dr. Jill E. Peterson Associate Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1990 – 2008)
(352) 392-7164

EducationPh.D., 1991, Rice UniversityResearch InterestsConvective heat and mass transfer issues in semi-conductor processing and hydrogen leak detection. Laser based diagnostics.

Dr. Winfred M. Phillips Professor
(352) 392-6620

D.Sc., 1968, University of Virginia

Professional Memberships and Fellowships
American Astronautical Society, Fellow 1993
American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow 1982
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Fellow 1999
American Institute for Medical and Biomedical Engineering, Fellow 1992
American Physical Society, Member
American Society of Engineering Education, Fellow 1987
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fellow 1984
Biomedical Engineering Society, Fellow 2005
Society of Automotive Engineers, Member
Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Fellow 1993
American Society for Artificial Internal Organs, Member
Association of Technology Managers, Member
Licensing Executives Society Inc., Member
New York Academy of Sciences, Fellow 1995
Royal Society for Arts, Fellow 1987

Research Interests
Fluid mechanics, gas dynamics, biomedical engineering.

Dr. Pasquale M. Sforza Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1998 – 2010)
(352) 392-0512

EducationPh.D., 1965, Polytechnic Institute of BrooklynResearch InterestsGas dynamics, propulsion, air and space vehicle design, turbulent flows, high energy laser interactions, heat transfer, vortex flows.

Dr. William G. Tiederman, Jr Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1993 – 2004)
(352) 392-0828

EducationPh.D., 1965, Stanford UniversityResearch InterestsViscous fluid mechanics, turbulent wall flows.

Dr. Roger Tran-Son-Tay Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1993 – 2022)
(352) 392-6229

Ph.D., 1983, Washington University
Professional Memberships and Fellowships
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member
Biomedical Engineering Society, Member
Society of Biorheology, Member
Research Interests
Biomedical engineering, rheology, fluid mechanics.

Dr. Gloria J. Wiens Associate Professor Emeritus (Department Time: 1994 – 2023)
(352) 392-0806

Professor Wiens is currently conducting research in the area of human-robot collaboration for smart factory, integrating AI with robot control in providing augmented intelligence of robots interacting with humans, other robots and machines. She has also been conducting research in the areas of intelligent and autonomous robotic systems, innovative mechanisms and controls for automation, space robotics/small satellites, manufacturing and micro-electro-mechanical systems.…