Month: October 2021

Carol Weber

Dr. Carol Weber is an accomplished and mission-focused technology leader that transforms business by spearheading the development of industry-changing innovations. She has built a solid reputation as a person who can achieve powerful results in the face of high-stakes challenges… Read More

Karlin Toner

Dr. Karlin Toner is the Senior Advisor for Data Policy Integration at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Aviation Policy and Plans. She champions digital transformation by developing people, processes and products at the enterprise level. From 2014 to… Read More

Louise Scott

As vice president of customer experience for Southern Company Gas, Louise Scott leads efforts to deliver world-class value to 4.2 million customers in four states served by utilities of Southern Company Gas. In this role, she has responsibility for customer… Read More

Jennifer Rhatigan

Dr. Jennifer Rhatigan is an aerospace professional recognized for her leadership and personal contributions in advancing technology in spaceflight for exploration, research and defense. Her 38-year career in the profession is marked by creative and unique contributions in the design,… Read More

Jill Peterson

MAE PROFESSOR EMERITUS JILL PETERSON always had a passion for math and science, and she entered college leaning toward a career path in medicine. But her first college biology class dissuaded her. “The first thing they asked was to memorize… Read More

Camila Francolin

Dr. Camila Françolin is the Division Leader for the Autonomy, Guidance, Navigation, and Control (AGN&C) Division at Draper Laboratory. Under her leadership, the AGN&C Division develops algorithms and software for a variety of applications: from autonomous underwater vehicles for the… Read More

Marianne Francois

Dr. Marianne Francois is an internationally recognized expert in computational fluid dynamics, multiphase and multi-material flow, and the associated numerical methods used to solve problems across a spectrum of fundamental and applied science and national security applications. Marianne’s technical skills… Read More