Dr. Jacob Chung awarded the 2023 Thermal and Fluids Engineering Award

Dr. Jacob Chung was awarded the “2023 Thermal and Fluids Engineering Award” from the American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE). This is the top society award from ASTFE.

Dr. Chung is currently the Andrew H. Hines, Jr./Progress Energy Eminent Scholar Chair Professor at the University of Florida.

Professor Chung is an exceptional researcher that has the stature that is expected for such an award. Professor Chung has made seminal contributions in a number of areas. For the past 35 years he has been involved in the general areas of fluid mechanics and heat transfer with a special focus on phase change heat transfer, multiphase flows, particle dispersion in large-scale dominated turbulent flows, laminar-turbulent transition in heated flows, and turbulence in heated flows. Specifically, he has worked on numerical and analytical fluid mechanics and heat transfer associated with droplets and bubbles, boiling, and condensation; heat and mass transfer in dehydration and porous media; two-phase flow and heat transfer; packed bed thermal storage systems; particle and droplet dispersion in turbulent free shear flows; fluid mechanics and heat transfer in microgravity boiling; large-scale direct numerical simulation of transition to turbulence for heated flows by spectral methods; nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics; and transport processes in manufacturing and materials processing for nanocluster materials. Recently his research has been focused on microscale  transport phenomena, cryogenic two-phase flow and heat transfer, molecular dynamics simulation transport in fuel cell systems, and biomass and waste conversion to energy and biofuels by thermochemical gasification. Professor Chung has published more than 210 archival refereed journal papers and 70 refereed conference proceedings. He has one book, five book chapters, two patents and his Web of Science Citation Index is 5135 as of July 2022. This recommendation has been unanimously approved by the ASTFE Board of Directors. The award is in recognition of Dr. Chung’s outstanding contributions to the field of Thermal and Fluids Engineering. The presentation of the 2023 TFE award will be conducted at the awards ceremony at the 8TH Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference during March 26 – 29, 2023 in College Park, MD.

Congratulations, Dr. Chung!

Story by: Emily Swenson
Marketing and Communications Specialist
UF Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
May 9, 2023