UF MAE Alum Matt Palmer on his recent donation to the NEB Student Village and his Future with the University

UF MAE alum Matt Palmer recently made a generous contribution towards the construction of the NEB Student Village. We had the chance to speak to him and learn more about his background and motivation for donation.  

Palmer was born and raised in Gainesville by two UF graduates and when the time came, his eventual enrollment in the University of Florida was a no-brainer. After his graduation from MAE, he would go on to hold various esteemed positions within organizations and currently serves as the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Syntheon. He recently reconnected with the university through the EAB (External Advisory Board), where he currently serves as a member. His work within the board and interactions within the department, along with his love for engineering, are what he believes inspired him to donate towards the student village. 

Much to Palmer’s delight, his donation will be used to revamp an area heavily used by students. When asked about how his relationship will evolve with the university moving forward, he was most excited to be able to get more involved with the student population. 

“To me it’s all about the students and that’s why I was happy when they came up with the idea to use the money for a student village…when you really boil it down, there is no university without the students. The students drive everything. Everyone should be focused on nothing but the students”. 

In the future, Palmer hopes to be able to share his years of knowledge with the students through mentorship and although this was his first donation of this stature to the university, he has all intentions of continuing to give back to various different causes.