P.K. Yonge Robotics Team Receives NASA Sponsorship and Prestigious Award for Assistive Technology Work

The P.K. Yonge robotics team has once again showcased their exceptional talent and dedication, earning both the prestigious Inspiration Award and a sponsorship from NASA at the recent FIRST Robotics competition. The team, mentored by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida, has been making waves in the robotics community for over a decade, and their latest achievements are nothing short of remarkable.

At the Tallahassee regional competition held from March 13-16, the P.K. Yonge robotics team, known as Team 4118 or Roaring Riptide, stood out among their peers for their innovative work in the field of Assistive Technology. Their commitment to using robotics to aid disabled individuals garnered them the coveted Engineering Inspiration Award, a testament to their efforts in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within their school, organization, and community.

The Engineering Inspiration Award recognizes teams that demonstrate passion, knowledge, and commitment to inspiring others in the fields of science and technology. As recipients of this esteemed accolade, Team 4118 earned the honor of having their 2024 Championship Registration fee sponsored by NASA, solidifying their place as leaders in the realm of robotics and engineering education.

The team’s remarkable journey and success were captured in a short news clip by WUFT, showcasing their dedication and passion for robotics. Their story also garnered attention from WCJB, with a detailed news story highlighting their remarkable achievement and the significant impact of their Assistive Technology initiatives.

With this remarkable win, the P.K. Yonge robotics team has secured an invitation to the national event in Houston, where they will compete alongside top teams from around the world. Their commitment to innovation, community engagement, and making a positive difference through technology serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers and roboticists everywhere. Congratulations to Team 4118 on their well-deserved recognition and sponsorship from NASA!