SA Sherif Lands ASME Frank Kreith Energy Award

Professor SA Sherif Honored with 2024 ASME Frank Kreith Energy Award

Distinguished Contribution to Advancing Energy Sustainability Recognized

In a momentous acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions to the field of energy sustainability, Professor SA Sherif, esteemed faculty member of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida, has been bestowed with the prestigious 2024 ASME Frank Kreith Energy Award. This esteemed accolade, established in 2005, celebrates individuals whose pioneering efforts significantly propel society towards a secure energy future, particularly through innovations in conservation and renewable energy.

Professor Sherif’s unparalleled expertise in thermodynamics and heat transfer analysis, coupled with his unwavering commitment to advancing energy systems, has earned him this esteemed recognition. With decades of dedicated research, education, and service to the field, Professor Sherif stands as a beacon of excellence in fostering sustainable energy solutions.

“This award is a profound honor, symbolizing the culmination of years of dedication to advancing energy sustainability,” expressed Professor Sherif upon receiving news of this esteemed accolade. “I am deeply grateful for the support of those who championed my nomination and proud to join the ranks of individuals committed to shaping a sustainable energy future.”

Professor Sherif’s research spans a breadth of critical areas within thermal/fluid and energy sciences. His expertise encompasses the intricacies of heat and mass transfer in frost and ice, the optimization of thermal and fluid systems, spacecraft thermal management, refrigeration and cryogenics, as well as solar and hydrogen energy.

Throughout his illustrious career, Professor Sherif’s impactful contributions have extended far beyond the confines of academia. As one of the pioneering researchers in renewable hydrogen energy systems, he played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of this vital field. His leadership as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy and primary editor of the seminal Handbook of Hydrogen Energy underscores his profound influence in advancing the discourse on sustainable energy solutions.

Moreover, Professor Sherif’s dedication to professional service has left an indelible mark on the engineering community. Serving in key leadership roles within the ASME Advanced Energy Systems Division and the ASME Heat Transfer Division, he has spearheaded initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge dissemination among researchers, designers, and engineers worldwide.

In bestowing the 2024 ASME Frank Kreith Energy Award upon Professor SA Sherif, the engineering community recognizes not only his remarkable achievements but also his enduring commitment to shaping a sustainable energy future for generations to come. As the world navigates the complexities of energy transition, Professor Sherif’s visionary leadership serves as an inspiration to all, illuminating the path towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

For more information about the ASME Frank Kreith Energy Award and its past recipients, please visit ASME Honors & Awards.