Research at MAE

Research at MAE

The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department at the University of Florida is proud to offer graduate research programs that encompass a wide range of research interests and employ the latest experimental and high-performance computational techniques. Our research interests in Mechanical Engineering are broad in scope, encompassing design and analysis of vehicles, robotics, machinery, thermal and fluid engineering, energy and power systems.  Our interests in Aerospace Engineering deal with all aspects of flight such as aerodynamics, propulsion, structural mechanics, and dynamics and control, as well as significant opportunities in orbital mechanics and space systems.

On a broad level, we do research in the following verticals: Aerospace Systems, Autonomous Systems, Biomechanics and Biofluids, Cellular Mechanics, Computational Sciences, Mechanical Design, Dynamics and Control, Energy and Renewable Energy, Fluid Dynamics and Flow Control, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing, Mechanics and Nano-Mechanics,  Microaerial Vehicles, MEMS and Nano-Systems, Propulsion and Combustion, Robotics, Optimization and Design, Sensors and Biosensors, Structural Optimization and Tribology.

MAE Research Facts

  • Largest department on UF campus
  • 55 full-time faculty members (51 tenured/tenure-track)
  • 450+ graduate students, including approximately 200 PhD students
  • Graduated more than 110 PhD students over last three years
  • Averaged $13M/year in external research expenditures over last two years
  • Graduate program rankings: ME is #17 and AE is #16 among public universities
                                                                             (US News & World Reports, 2014)

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at the University of Florida administers the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Please explore our Academics page to learn more details about our undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as our Research page to learn about our research projects, faculty research interests and our research laboratories.

Students are the lifeblood of any university. As you consider your future educational plans, we thank you for exploring MAE at the University of Florida.