• Title of project: Mechanobiology of Wound Regeneration
  • Funding agency: n/a
  • Description: Students are being recruited for projects investigating the effects of tissue mechanics on individual cell behavior. Projects integrate experimental mechanics, materials science, and biology to uncover fundamental principles governing cell behavior.
  • Restrictions/Constraints: n/a
  • Knowledge and skills needed: Self-motivated, professional, and organized are most important prerequisites; most content will be learned on-the-job. Previous experience in wet lab bench work preferred; background in design, mechatronics, and/or polymers helpful. Must be willing to dedicate effort to “catching up” on biology/biomedical content to complement engineering coursework.
  • How to apply: Please send CV and writing sample to Dr. Simmons
  • Faculty contact/webpage: Chelsey Simmons,, Simmons Mechanobiology Lab