David Troner

Aircraft Design Engineer, Boeing


David works as an aircraft design engineer within the Advanced Concepts group of Boeing’s Commercial Airplanes division in Long Beach, CA. In this role, David designs and analyses future configuration and propulsion architectures for commercial aircraft. David also works within the Boeing AvionX organization as a GNC and software development engineer, and previously worked at Northrop Grumman as a GNC engineer.

David got his Bachelors in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at UF followed by a Masters in Aerospace Engineering at Stanford, where he focused in conceptual aircraft design. In his time at the University of Florida, David co-founded the AeroGators organization and was involved with AIAA and Theta Tau. David also did undergraduate research with Dr. Rick Lind.
In his free time, David enjoys hiking, scuba diving, skiing, and playing soccer, and is a private pilot in both fixed-wing and helicopters.


2018 M.S. – Aerospace Engineering
2015 B.S. – Aerospace Engineering
2015 B.S. – Mechanical Engineering