External Advisory Board

External Advisory Board

Jack Sparks

External Advisory Board Member


A UF Graduate: BME 65, MSE 67, Ph.D. 70 (Machine Design, Thermodynamics and Metallurgy) Professional Engineer in FL., AL., and MS., Registered Mechanical and General Contractor FL. In 1972, 15 months after graduation, Dr. Sparks with two investors formed Systems Engineering Research Facilities, dba as SERF as a Research Firm and has been President and Principal Engineer ever since. In 1978 he and wife Cheri acquired SERF and he developed three service divisions for SERF’s clients:

Engineering and Research:
Engineering ASME Code Pressure Vessels, TEMA Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Columns, Evaporator Systems, Process Piping Systems, and Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveying Systems for Bulk Products. As principal engineer for SERF his Research included: Sea Water Evaporators, Radioactive Wastewater Systems, Titanium testing for Condenser Service for the US Navy. F-15 Eagle Fuel in Flight Simulator for Boeing and the US Air Force. Environmental Wastewater Treatment Applications, Thermal and Fluid Processes, Failure Analysis (FEA) of equipment and products, and Accident Reconstruction and Prevention.

ASME Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Columns, Filters, Alloy and Titanium Piping, Pneumatic and Bulk Conveying and Weighing Equipment for Manufacturing Plants. Specialized Manufacturing of Rotating Equipment and Thermal Applications.

Construction, Design Build:
Unique Engineering, Procure and Construct Projects (EPC) for major Chemical, Paper Mills Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Petroleum plants. Systems for Bulk Material Handling. Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveying, Weighing. and large Evaporators and Pressure Vessels. Plastics and Chemical plants and equipment for capital projects in development and production.

SERF is one of the most diversified Mechanical Companies in the Southeast, and includes a Professional Engineering Staff, Equipment Manufacturing Facilities, and site Construction Equipment housed in 2 plant sites with more than 41,000 sq ft of offices and shop facilities.