Dr. Youping Chen

Address NEB 261 Lab NEB 289 Phone: (352) 392-8494 Website: Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics


Dr. Chen received her Ph.D from the Georgia Washington University in 2003 and jointed University of Florida in 2006. She was a recipient of DARPA Young Faculty Award in 2010 for “Predicting materials properties from their microstructural architecture”, DOE Early Career Award in 2011 for “Prediction of thermal transport properties of materials with microstructural complexity”, and nine US National Science Foundation Awards for multiscale studies of mechanics of advanced materials and thermal transport in heterostructures from 2009 to 2023. Six of her former Ph.D students are now university professors and two are US national laboratory scientists. Dr. Chen was selected as a Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Awardee in 2022.


Ph.D, 2003, The George Washington University

Professional Memberships and Fellowships

American Physical Society, Member
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Member
Materials Research Society, Member
Society of Engineering Science, Member

Teaching Interests

Continuum Mechanics, Vibrations, Nano and Micro Mechanics

Research Interests

Linking and Unifying Atomistic and Continuum Descriptions, Concurrent Multiscale Computational Methods, Atomistic and Multiscale Mechanics, Coupled Defect Dynamics and Phonon transport

Selected Publications

  1. A. Diaz, B. Gu, Y. Li, S.J. Plimpton, D.L. McDowell, Y. Chen, A parallel algorithm for the concurrent atomistic-continuum methodology, Journal of Computational Physics, 463 (2022) 111140.
  2. Y. Li, Z. Zheng, A. Diaz, S.R. Phillpot, D.L. McDowell, Y. Chen, Resonant interaction between phonons and PbTe/PbSe (001) misfit dislocation networks, Acta Materialia, 237 (2022) 118143.
  3. X. Chen, W. Li, L. Xiong, Y. Li, S. Yang, Z. Zheng, D.L. McDowell, Y. Chen, Ballistic-diffusive Phonon Heat Transport across Grain Boundaries, Acta Materialia, 136 (2017) 355-365.
  4. X. Chen, L. Xiong, D.L. McDowell, Y. Chen, Effects of phonons on mobility of dislocations and dislocation arrays, Scripta Materialia, 137 (2017) 22-26.
  5. L. Xiong, L., J. Rigelesaiyin, X. Chen, S. Xu, D.L. McDowell, and Y. Chen, Coarse-grained elastodynamics of fast moving dislocations.Acta Materialia, 2016. 104: p. 143-155.
  6. N. Zhang, N., S. Yang, L. Xiong, Y. Hong, and Y. Chen, Nanoscale toughening mechanism of nacre tablet.Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2016. 53: p. 200-209.
  7. Y. Chen, S. Shabanov, and D.L. McDowell, Concurrent atomistic-continuum modeling of crystalline materials.Journal of Applied Physics, 2019. 126(10): p. 101101.
  8. Y. Chen, and A. Diaz, Physical foundation and consistent formulation of atomic-level fluxes in transport processes.Physical Review E, 2018. 98(5): p. 052113.