Mentors are members of W.E. Rise. W.E. Rise members will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to set up their profile and match with a mentee.

Mentors join W.E. Rise with a gift of $1000 annually or $83.33/mo (or within 10 years of graduation $500 annually or $41.67/month.) To learn more on becoming a member of W.E. Rise, email

Mentor Registration

Expectation for Mentors and Mentees

A 6 month (one hour per month) commitment is recommended. Mentors and Mentees may use discretion of additional meetings either virtually or in-person. The college believes in the diversity and inclusion of all engineers in our college and in the workforce. It is important to formalize relationship between two people and create a network that will help a mentee learn and develop a core understanding of leadership. A mentor will help mentees on how to fulfill a clear and mutually defined goals.