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Summer 2019 REU Engineering for Healthcare Cohort!


The REU Site Engineering for Healthcare will involve a diverse cohort of students in convergent research and curricula focused on critical engineering challenges in healthcare. REU Participants will (i) engage in high-impact research in partnership with engineering faculty and graduate student mentors, (ii) attend workshops dedicated to research practices and communications training, (iii) attend a seminar series where important high-priority challenges in healthcare that require engineering solutions are elucidated through partnerships with clinical faculty or healthcare professionals, and (iv) disseminate their research results through both oral and written communications. Via this REU Site, each participant will gain foundational skills through training workshops on the scientific method, and via hands-on research activities. REU Participants will gain an awareness of how traditional engineering principles can be extended to address modern engineering problems in the healthcare field and in society. Finally, REU Participants will improve their oral and written communication skills through symposium-style presentations and written project reports. Because of this training, REU Participants will be better prepared to succeed in their current undergraduate curriculum and be better prepared to make a positive impact upon entering industry or graduate school. A diverse cohort of participants will be recruited for this REU Site, including students that attend universities with limited research opportunities and students that may not have previously considered research-oriented careers.


Programs Dates are confimed! The REU Site Engineering for Healthcare will take place between May 25th to August 2nd, 2019 at the Unviersity of Florida!


This REU Site is supported by the National Science Foundation via Award #1757128.