SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers

A hands on experience designing, manufacturing, and marketing a technically advanced product: a small scale formula racecar.

Social Media & Important Information

UF Chapter Officers:

  • President – Isaiah Hendrick
  • Captain – Austin Jordan
  • Chief Engineers Christopher Magnus & David Glabinski
  • Treasurer – Conor Bowman
  • Team Email:

Faculty Advisor:

Professor Michael Braddock

Shop Information

  • Address: Room 133 – 134 MAE-C, Gainesville, FL 32611
  • Hours: 6-11PM Monday-Friday, 2-10PM Saturday-Sunday


Gator Motorsports promotes professional development for those interested in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of a technically advanced product. Although the program is typically attractive to Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers, the team is a great opportunity for all majors who have an interest in design, manufacturing, or business. Our team competes every May in an international competition against 120 of the world’s best teams.

The team is evaluated on:

1) Its ability to justify the design of the vehicle using sound engineering principles.

2) The dynamic performance in a drag race, a lateral acceleration skidpad, a hot lap autocross, and an endurance race.

3) The team’s ability to present the design as a practical and marketable product with price points, target markets, cost breakdowns, required investment to manufacture 1000 units, and expected returns.