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Welcome to MAE Study Abroad! Here, you will find study abroad opportunities across the globe. All of the courses listed on this page will count as MAE technical electives. We strongly support and encourage our students to study abroad. Please see below for a list of our programs led by MAE faculty and staff.

UF in Berlin: Precision Engineering Design & Measurement

Precision Engineering Design & Measurement covers the fundamental practices common to all engineering majors in making and reporting basic engineering measurements and their use in designing high-precision items.  Students will learn about the engineering design process, cultural components of German design, commonly used engineering measurement tools, statistical data analysis, and standard uncertainty analysis methods.  Three local tours at businesses and museums will punctuate how precision measurements are used in engineering design practice with cultural influences within German, European, and American design practices. 

Upon course completion students should have a working understanding of precision measurements and the engineering design process.  Students will be familiar with how to approach engineering measurements, what uncertainty in measurements means in practice, and how to statistically examine engineering data in design.  Students will have a broader understanding of German & European design practices and the impact of cultural influences within engineering design projects.

Courses: EGN4932 – Precision Engineering Measurement & Design (4 credits) and EGN4932 – Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Manufacturing (2 credits)

Dates: TBA

Contact: Dr. Sean Niemi at

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UF in Germany: Kinesiology & Engineering

This program is designed to introduce students to foundational concepts and career pathways in the areas of kinesiology and engineering, via site visits and lectures. Students will also learn about German culture in the context of kinesiology and engineering. The program’s curriculum involves both industry and cultural site visits and engages students in reflecting about how German society impacts kinesiology and engineering. Space is limited to 12 engineering students and 12 applied physiology and kinesiology students.

Course: EGN4932 – Global Engineering (1 credit)

Dates: May 1 – 8, 2021 Postponed to August 2021.

Contact: Mr. Michael Fitzgerald at

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UF in Iceland: Thermodynamics & Renewable Energy

This is an eight-day program that allows undergraduate students to understand and appreciate first-hand the role that thermodynamics plays in enabling Iceland’s renewable energy infrastructure and the technologies and natural wonders that drive everything, from the volcanic heat to the electricity in your home and the Hydrogen powering fuel cell vehicles.

Courses: EML4905 – Thermodynamics & Renewable Energy in Iceland (1 credit)

Dates: May 1 – 9, 2021 Postponed to August 2021.

Contact: Dr. Jonathan Scheffe at

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UF in Vietnam: Business & Engineering Internship

This program offers engineering students the unique opportunity to learn about Vietnamese culture while completing a professional internship at a company in the capital metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. No Vietnamese language skills are required, as all placements have English-speaking supervisors. This program is a partnership between the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and the Warrington College of Business Administration. 

Courses: EGN4932 – Vietnamese Culture (3 credits) and EGN4949 – Engineering Internship (3 credits)

Dates: May 25 – July 22, 2021 (tentative)

Contact: Mr. Michael Fitzgerald at

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For all other Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering programs, please visit Here. Note that these programs are not led by MAE faculty and you will need to confirm with Ms. Pingchien Neo, Director of International Engineering Programs, that credit from these programs will count toward your Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering degree.