About Us

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student Council (MAE-GSC) is focused on improving the graduate experience within the University of Florida’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Direct engagement with Department officials ensures the student voice and perspective is most effectively represented as UF continues to rise. Through continuous interaction, the MAE-GSC seeks to increase the quality of education delivered, workforce competence of graduating students, and the overall reputation of the University of Florida.

Working in tandem with high-level administrators and faculty, the MAE-GSC has direct input on developing initiatives, affecting change at the Department level. Representatives from the Department are present on the council, including both PhD and Masters Students, ensuring a diverse set of viewpoints are heard. Key projects of MAE-GSC include representing graduate students’ interests and concerns, informing graduate students about research funding and professional development opportunities, acquisition of departmental grants, promotion of social engagement and networking with fellow graduate students, and ongoing involvement in the Department’s graduate student recruitment efforts.